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ADCON Computers LLC

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CGI Solutions

We at ADCON, provide systems for high graphics need and for multimedia, movie animation purposes.

ADCON Computers LLC offers swift solutions to a company working on Computer-generated imagery (CGI) by providing systems of higher resolution. We keep abreast of latest technologies and therefore understand the demand of such systems where our clients can work on special effects for different types of media.

What is CGI?

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) are the images used in print and electronic media such as in video games, films, documentaries, television programs, and commercials. These are the visual support, dynamic or static, in 2D or 3D computer graphics to create special effects.

Need for CGI solutions?

To create Computer-generated imagery (CGI), Computer graphics software is used at increased computer speeds that allows professionals to produce CGI for films, games and internet. It has also laid basis for virtual cinematography that requires stereo or multi-camera setup.

How ADCON provides CGI solutions

For a CGI system, usually Image Generation Workstation are used that are very expensive. Computer Generation Imagery is the part of flight simulator that includes a 3 channels display system designed in folded flat screen to provide high definition view. A CGI system based on PC also requires some key technologies like image connection, channels synchronization and channels communication. It can be used for fields such as multimedia commerce, media databases visualization, and entertainment as well as in other fields like CAD/CAM, scientific computing visualization and for medical purpose.

ADCON Computers LLC is here to bring you high end Computer-generated imagery (CGI) solutions at cheap cost. We are always endeavoring to solve your networking worries for which we offer high quality imaging devices in a 3D computer generated environment and systems supporting Electronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology.

We not only bring you smart CGI solutions but also installation of CGI software such as Maya, 3D Studio Max, Soft Image, Anim8or, Aura, Delgine Project and other 3D modelling and animation packages. Our CGI solutions help you achieve your 3d modeling and computer imagery needs.