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Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Helping you to enhance your enterprise productivity by offering you easy to operate wireless solutions at reduced cost.

ADCON Computers LLC offers flexible options to its customers looking for wireless solutions to manage their enterprise. The explosion of mobile devices used in each aspect of life from personal to work and other communication has made it perennial to look for options to stay connected with internet anywhere and anytime.

What is Enterprise Wireless Solutions?

An enterprise needs to remain connected with wireless devices for mobility across the globe. for mobility across different parts of the world and even from one place to the other, a company looks for wireless LAN and WAN solutions. The emergence of Wi-Fi as the primary source and then cloud services address these business needs by providing wireless networking solutions.

The enterprise wireless needs can be managed with options of premise-based and cloud-based wireless infrastructure and enhanced services for out-tasking and outsourcing.

Why Enterprise Wireless Solutions are needed?

The work where unnecessary lines are not needed and business efficiency is to be improved, "Wireless Enterprise Solution" is needed to create an easy to manage work environment. Today, with changing technologies, wireless network is used for business with smaller IT resources to increase their performance or even for bigger companies to manage seamless communication across the globe.

With the rise of trends like decentralization of the corporate office through home-shoring, inter connectivity of teleworkers, establishing micro-branches and partnering, every enterprise needs wireless networking to ensure more productivity.

How ADCON provides Enterprise Wireless Solutions

ADCON Computers LLC understands your business demands to help you achieve productivity by connecting your business from anywhere and at reduced cost. We promise to exceed your expectations by providing you strategic wireless solutions that are extended beyond traditional boundaries. We at
ADCON offer:

  • Cloud-enabled Networking
  • Migration to 802.11ac
  • Migration from Legacy Autonomous Aps
  • IP Address Management
  • Identity-based Policy Enforcement
  • Voice over Wireless LAN
  • Cloud Proxy
  • Secure Wireless LANs
  • Wi-Fi Service Level Assurance
  • Controller-less WLAN Architecture